What's this stuff?

This is... ummmm... let's call it "Japanese Language Tools".

Originally it was intended as a Japanese verb and adjective conjugator to help me in my Japanese study. But very soon I realized that conjugator itself is quite a boring thing and, in addition, it's hard to take into account all diversity of Japanese verbs without having a good dictionary. Thus, is was decided to add some dictionary functionality to the project. Fortunately, it wasn't too hard to do due to public availability of great Jim Breen's JMDict and Tatoeba Project's Examples.

For the time being, the following tools are availabe:

Japanese verb and adjective conjugator. Tries to conjugate any Japanese word that looks like a verb or adjective. Displays the word-forms table and the table of typical tenses, moods and voices.

Rōmaji to hiragana and kana to rōmaji/kiriji transliterators. Used in Dictionary and KanaTran tools.

Japanese-English and Japanese-Russian dictionaries. Perform JMDict and/or Warodai search for entered Japanese word in its dictionary form. Use internal deconjugator to figure out dictionary word-form.

Collection of Japanese-English and Japanese-Russian example pairs. When working in conjunction with conjugator, this module searches the Examples for entered Japanese word highlighting all the word-forms found. In standalone mode does full-text search for entered English or Russian phrase in Examples database.

Kanji dictionary. Searches KANJIDIC for kanji using various criteria.

Furigana helper. Parses Japanese sentences, breaks them into separate words and adds furigana for kanji. Works as a standalone tool as well.